For over 150 years Stannies has been caring for Boarders and their families. Stannies staff work with the young men coming to Boarding for the first time and their parents and families, to make the experience a rewarding and memorable one.

Boarding at Stannies provides the opportunity for a balanced academic, spiritual, sporting, and social experience and the chance to make friends for life.

As part of the communication process, Stannies provides parents and students with ‘Edumate’, a web based, password secure facility, that allows parents to access their son’s academic progress. Families can check set homework, upcoming assignments and assessments and the results for these as they become available.

Staff in the Boarding House are available throughout boarding times through a dedicated mobile phone service. Parents and teaching staff regularly communicate through email and the College distributes a weekly newsletter and regular updates via our social media platforms to ensure parents are kept abreast of current events both in the classroom and co-curricular pursuits.

Stannies staff visit boarding families in NSW country regions each year. These visits present opportunities to touch base with current parents, meet new and prospective families, as well as catch up with the College Old Boys’ community.

Boarding Facilities

  • Single Cubicle bed spaces for Years 7 to 9. Single Rooms for Years 10 to 12.
  • Seminar rooms for collaborative learning
  • Teacher and boarding staff supervised evening study
  • Qualified medical support daily
  • 4-week rotating menu overseen by a qualified Dietician.

Pastoral Care

  • Counselling support through a Registered Psychologist including two evenings per week
  • Ongoing Pastoral Care and support overseen by the College Wellbeing Committee.
  • Senior student leadership program to assist new and younger students
  • New boarders’ orientation program
  • A House Parent for each year group

Co-curricular and Sport

Some of the many opportunities outside the classroom include:

  • A varied co-curricular program including chess, debating, public speaking, school musicals, band and cantor group
  • An extensive equestrian and agricultural program
  • Involvement in the St Vincent de Paul Society and other social justice programs
  • Broader community programs

Weekend recreational opportunities sports including:

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Rugby Union & Rugby League
  • Basketball
  • Touch Football
  • Athletics and Cross Country
  • Triathlon
  • Representation through the Independent Sporting Association (ISA)


There is a sign-out procedure that is to be followed, it is in place for the protection of our students and staff.

All overnight leave must be approved by the Head of College. Students submit their leave request via REACH which is then approved by parents, hosts and the Head of College. It is to be received by Wednesday to be processed and to notify all departments that are impacted.

Day leave can be granted by the Head of Boarding. An email from parents must be received via to advise of leave being sought and who is collecting the student before this can be granted.
The person collecting the student must present to the Boarding Centre to complete the sign-out procedure. The Team Leader must be present at the Boarding Centre to witness the sign-out process. If he or she is not in attendance, they are to be called to return to the Boarding Centre before the student leaves.

All boarders on weekend leave are to be back in time for Chapel at 5.15pm. Evening leave during the week will not be granted, except for exceptional circumstances and if granted the student must report back no later than 9.45pm. All students must be signed back in by the person that has taken them on leave.

Financial Assistance Information and Application Forms for Boarding Families.

To assist families from rural and remote areas with boarding costs, the Australian Government, NSW Department of Education and Independent Organisations may be able to offer financial assistance in some cases.

The links below provide information on eligibility and applications forms should you feel this appropriate to your situation.

Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme

Bush Children’s Education Foundation

Living Away from Home Allowance – Information and Application

Boarding House Policies and Procedures

Policies are constantly under review and printed in the Student Record Book at the commencement of each school year.  A copy of the current policy is available upon request from the Head of College Professional Assistant.

Questions regarding Boarding House procedures, in particular different forms of leave, should be directed to the Head of Boarding via

Boarding House Menu

The Boarding House menu is based on a four week rotation throughout the term. All dietary requirements are catered for.

Menu example