St Stanislaus’ College works closely with our students, parents and local businesses to create rewarding and well suited post school pathways for all our boys. Our Careers/transitioning program is aimed at tailor making each students individual exit plan.  We align our careers program with The Business Council of Australia’s ‘Work Ready’ program. It is not just the qualification we are focusing on but, the range of personal attributes that contribute to a successful transition into the work force. We support and build upon the innate values our students possess, their accountability, honesty, respect, tolerance and work ethic. The program works on their behaviours of adaptability, authenticity, flexibility, resilience, self-awareness and collaborative work practices. While at all times developing the business skills, they need across business literacy, critical analysis, problem solving, digital technology, literacy and numeracy.

The careers program is embedded across all key learning areas and is built upon from Year 10. Students participate in a compulsory 2 week work experience placement that allows the boys to try a career of interest. This well planned program can significantly improve a young person’s employability. Creating such opportunities allows students to build upon their portfolio of work readiness skills. It is a growth platform to launch from – encouraging students to value learning, seeing the correlation between education and future fulfilment of their hopes and dreams. (Australian Blue Print for Career Development) Students work on their resumes as a ‘work in progress’, constantly updating and tailoring for job opportunities, scholarship and gap year positions. All our young men have personal Careers interviews during Yr 11 and again during Yr 12, aiming to maximise their post school options. It is critical we support, guide and prepare our students for the fast-paced changing nature of the work environment. School is the basis of foundation knowledge that the students take and build upon in the world of work.