‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think’ Albert Einstein

The consistency of outstanding HSC results for boys of all academic levels continues to be the hallmark of the education at St Stanislaus’ College. The most recent educational research points to a significant change in the skills required for employment by 2030, with the reduction in the need for workers to complete routine, manual tasks and an increase in the time workers spend on solving strategic problems and thinking creatively. As such, Stannies has embarked on a number of programs geared to developing enterprise skills such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication, digital and financial literacy which are transferable into many employment areas.

These programs include:


  • Taught throughout Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8)
  • Stannies is a partner school within the University of Sydney’s Central West STEM Academy.
  • Students work in groups using enterprise skills to solve Mathematics, Science and Technology based problems by creating projects based on Water filtration systems, Bottle rockets, Self-watering greenhouse, Palm tree levers, Belt driven stunt cars, Fire extinguishers, Prosthetic limbs and Arduino solar panels.


  • Stannies staff work directly with the Association of Independent Schools and the UK based Innovation Unit to design new pedagogical practices specifically for our high potential learners.
  • Stannies staff have identified high potential learners across each academic stage with a view to accelerate their pace of learning.
  • Important questions are reviewed and actioned such as a better understanding of the passions and interests of our high potential learners, what are the specific barriers to greater flexibility in learning at Stannies, how personalised and relevant is assessment for learners at the school, what implications are there for future workforce development.


  • Stannies have joined Professor Michael Anderson and Dr Miranda Jefferson in becoming a transforming school, embedding the critical 21st century enterprise skills of critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration into each classroom.
  • The goal of this program is to shift learning from simply being content delivery to making subjects flexible, dynamic and interconnected. Stannies is using this program to build capacity in our students to develop agility and resilience as they face complex and shifting problems.
  • The Transforming Schools programs allows Stannies to work collaboratively with other schools to explicitly teach and embed creativity, collaboration, critical reflection and communication in every classroom.


  • All Stannies classes in Year 7 embark on the Learning to Learn program where the focus is on Learning styles, Literacy and Numeracy skills and creativity, activity and service.
  • Year 7 students consider the skills needed for learning, the appropriate and effective use of technology with a high school setting, the essential literacy and numeracy skills underpinning learning and project work developing creativity, activity and service.