In January 1867, within two months of arriving in Bathurst in November 1866 as the first Bishop of Bathurst, Bishop Quinn opened a high school for boys in Bathurst, St Stanislaus High School, under the direction of Mr Michael McGirr. The curriculum of this new high school comprised Latin, French, Greek, Mathematics and higher branches of English literature with a view to preparing the students for matriculation for University entry and for commercial pursuits.

On the opening of St Stanislaus High School, Bishop Quinn expressed his hope for the College:

It is the earnest wish of my heart that before many years have elapsed, the brightest laurel and proudest boasts of the young men of my diocese, shall be to have been educated at St Stanislaus High School.

The school became a College some months later when boarders were accepted. They lived in a house in George St under the care of Mr and Mrs McGirr. As more boarders came, they moved along George St to a larger house. The College transferred to its present site in 1873. Bishop Quinn also established a Seminary on the College site, St Charles Ecclesiastical Seminary, 1875–1891.

In 1882, 15 years after it commenced, Bishop Quinn reflected on St Stanislaus College saying:

I have always borne a love towards it like that of a parent for a child. From year to year it has progressed, and now I think, either materially as a building, or intellectually as a place of education, it is second, perhaps to none, but certainly, it is second to very few in these colonies.

Bishop Quinn died at St Stanislaus College on 16 January, 1885 at the close of the annual Retreat of the clergy.

On January 1st, 1889 the administration of the College passed from the hands of the secular clergy into those of the Vincentian Fathers whose leadership and guidance since then has ensured that the College has remained alive with the spirit of St Vincent de Paul.