A number of two-year scholarships are awarded to students who are deemed to have the academic potential, the personal qualities and the abilities to thrive at Stannies and to make a positive contribution to the life of the College.

Academic Scholarship

Demonstrated outstanding academic ability, effort and achievement:

  • School reports
  • NAPLAN data
  • Outstanding results in State and National competitions
  • Engagement and success in inter-school or other representative competitions across a variety of KLAs

Creative Arts Scholarship

  • Academic results of a high standard
  • School reports that reflect effort and achievement
  • Awards in the Creative Arts field
  • Levels of study in the Creative Arts (eg high AMEB grades)
  • Competition success in the Creative Arts
  • School participation/representation in the Creative Arts
  • Creative Arts focus for the College

All Rounder Scholarship

  • Academic results of a high standard
  • School reports that reflect effort and achievement
  • A record of a balanced range of achievements across a variety of pursuits
  • Active participation in and contribution to a broad range of school co-curricular activities
  • Representative experience – at school, local and higher levels
  • Leadership experience (eg SRC, sporting teams)
  • Participation in a broad range of out-of-school activities/competitions.

College Expectations

The continuation of the two-year scholarship will be contingent upon the following expectations:

The Scholarship Holder:
i. Continued strong academic effort and achievement,
ii. Ongoing, committed participation in and contribution to all aspects of College life,
iii. Ongoing support of all College expectations.

i. Ongoing support of all College expectations,
ii. Fees and other monies owing to the College are paid promptly.

Reviews of academic progress and contribution to College life of all scholarship holders are held in Term 3 of the first year of the scholarship to ensure that expectations are being met.

Application Forms

Application forms may be submitted via email to registrar@stannies.com or in person via College Reception.  Should families require any information about this process, please do not hesitate to contact our College Registrar via 02 6331 4177.

If post is your preferred option for submission, please send to:
The Registrar
St Stanislaus’ College
PO Box 97